Are we selfish?

India is a country of more than 1.2 billion people. It has been a developing country for very long time. In this period many country have developed and many countries have come out of great depressions. Why are we not making progress? one theory I have is that we are selfish.

One example of it is the Ambulance. When the ambulance is going on the road, instead of giving way for the ambulance to go they want to go in front of the ambulance. They think others will give way to the ambulance and they can go in front. They think they will go faster than ambulance if the traffic clears and they are not causing the problem. Every one thinks they are not the problem and the ambulance does not move.  People always say “Even if i change the system will not change”. This is mostly heard in discussion of politics, corruption.

Even in villages where people are supposed to have better relationship with everybody and every one cares about one another. people are really not caring about each other. people in the villages are asking for basic facilities like roads, sanitation, drinking water, schools and hospitals. But, they are not demanding them. Instead of using their votes for community gain they are using for personal gain by selling their votes for money and liqueur. That’s why even if their elected representatives can not deliver any of the basic necessities they keep getting elected term after term.

People living in urban areas and cities are also not helping. Many people because of their fast paced life often they don’t stop and think of others or the community. Even through many of these people are educated they break rules and they give bribe or receive bribe just to make their life easy. Even their vote is influenced by many factors caste, religious preference, regional preference, political preference. They don’t stop and  think if they are making any change with their vote. They vote for the same old traditional parties and  think they will change everything. One major problem is people think of their vote as a bet. They don’t want to lose by vote to somebody that may lose.

All the recent revolution on scams and corruption have ended with out any decisive outcome. Most of the revolutions did not even get some results unless some one has been getting some political gain. people don’t have strong will and commitment for revolutions unless some one has been trying to run them for their own gain. The revolution for lokpal bill was so popular because Arvind Kejriwal was behind it. He was the one who ran the movement so that he got political gain from it. He became popular and became chief minister of Delhi. In the case of division of state of Andhra Pradesh, Chandrasekhar Rao(KCR) wanted to become the Chief minister of state so he made it his personal agenda to divide the state. Even through people of Telangana wanted separate state for long time their revolutions has cooled down from time to time because people don’t have the commitment to their society. KCR struck with his agenda even through the revolution cooled down multiple times.

Many countries throughout the world are fighting civil wars and having revolutions. why are we as a country not able to unite and successfully change something in the recent past?


Water one of the important things needed for humans. Yet, so many people in the world don’t have access to it. Millions of gallons of fresh water is wasted everyday going into the sea and ocean. There might be a simple solution to saving fresh water for going to waste. Instead of having water bottling Companies any where we should only allow companies to have there manufacturing(bottling) units at the end of rivers, canals and other sources of fresh water that is about to go into the sea or ocean.

Companies should only be allowed to bottle water that will be wasted. Companies should not be allowed to have there bottling units any where near the source of the water. Imagine how many millions of  gallons of water will be saved if all the companies use the water that is about to go into sea. Not only the companies that sell bottled water but also companies that require lot of water to produce certain products like soft drinks(Pepsi, Coke, etc.), beers, Alcohol.

If all the countries in the world enforce these policies, lot of water will be saved and lot of money will be saved on building dams to try to conserve the water. Lot of water will be available for agriculture and other necessities once bottling companies were removed from the water source.

Some people might still prefer bottled water that is advertised to be from the source. I don’t know if all the companies get there water from the source but, some of them might get it. There is one thing we still need to remember even if they get their water from the source they still need to purify it and  most likely be adding some chemicals or minerals to make it taste better. so, no matter if the companies bottle for the source of at the end they can make the water taste the same.

China, US and India

India has a great opportunity to grow rapidly now(Since China is not growing faster). But, what is stopping India?  The relationship between world economies and how they are interconnected.

US, the largest consumer in the world. US buys most of the things it needs for other countries. China and US have unique relationship. In the last 40 years US has come out of being the manufacturer to being consumer. In the same time China has become the manufacturer for the world, thanks to US.  I don’t think there is any other country that could replace China as the manufacturer and be as successful. This is due to how things worked with US, China trade.

Here is how it works. US wants to buy products, China makes them and sells to US. US pays them. Than US needs to buy more things but, there is no money since all the money is going to China. So, they need to borrow the money. China has given the money for US to borrow so that they can get back that money again. Now China holds lot of IOU’s(I Owe You) from US. Another reason China is so successful in this relationship is due to how the country runs. Their strict communist rule has helped they grow lot in creating business.

Due to corruption, growth reaching saturation and pollution people in China looking for change. There is also speculation that China might become democracy in the coming years. So, now stocks in China has been taking hit. So, investors in the world should be looking for alternative to invest in. That would be India. But, they are not looking yet even when there are problems in EU and China. US is holding it all together since the stock market here is doing well. we have to wait and see how much effect China will have on US stocks.

Even if US Stock market goes down and investors find India as alternative. I am not sure how successful India will be in maintaining relationship with US to become the number one manufacturer.

Hello world!

This is my very first blog. I have been wanting to blog for quite a while now. I have been lazy to spent time on how to create the blog site until now that is. Anyway I wanted to start the blog to write my ideas and view on any topics I come across.

A little about me. I am a quiet person. I am kinda shy and don’t talk a lot. I like to listen to people talk. I am a compulsive thinker. I am from Hyderabad, India. I live in United States now. I can Speak Three Languages Telugu, English and Hindi. I am trying to learn Tamil. It is going slow as I am lazy like I mentioned before. I did my Masters in US and working in IT. Because I am Compulsive thinker whenever I read about any article or news i tend to think about it. I wanted to write in this blog my views or solutions to any problems I read about.

So, I wish myself All the best and hope I write often.

Happy blogging!